to eat all of your fast food or carry out in the car before you get home
Kids hurry up and skinner down your food so that we have a better chance of getting to the service on time.
by provider44 January 14, 2010
A very hot sexy bloke wit a nice tight ass!
everyone wants a skinner!
by valley May 24, 2006
An extreamly unrelablie person, lacks the ability to perform the simpliest of tasks. Most likely to be on the dole for his entire life
man he's such an idiot, what a skinner!
by HSLA February 27, 2007
To Masturbate, to have a skinner. Rhyming slang because of Frank (wank) Skinner.
"Wheres Jeff"
"Jeff's Having a skinner/Jeff's Skinnerin'"
by Sev. July 27, 2006
Describes a person who does not have white caucasian skin. Skinners are typically afro-carribeans or asians.
1. Dude check out the skinner over there!
2. That guy is a skinner.
3. Why is it that most rap artists are skinners?
by Michael Wilson February 06, 2006
pulling a skinner is when you mess up something good. when u have that perfect relationship and you end it over something stupid and you regret it.
Joe pulled a skinner.
by Drea <3 April 10, 2006
A person that complains about or insults anything and everything and attempt to make the lives of others meaningless and unfulfilling.
Bob: "I like rainbows."

Skinner: "You are a fat, useless, internet-abusing virgin. Your opinion is wrong. HUD."
by Mr Mean Jeans June 16, 2010

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