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prison slang for child molester.
"look that skinner has to go to pc."
by dynamicoutlance August 01, 2005
128 173
Someone who doesn't want to come to general population
That f'en Skinner babyed out and went to P.C. But we'll get our chance
by convict1 August 20, 2007
32 81
Any individual wearing skin-tight pants (typically blue jeans) and striped socks.
Skinners eat apple sauce.
by Thomas the Tank Engine Rodruguez December 04, 2005
10 60
to have something good going for you and screw it up
Jonny pulled a serious skinner when he messed things up w/ Amber.
by Joe Skinner March 28, 2006
28 80
A very hot sexy bloke wit a nice tight ass!
everyone wants a skinner!
by valley May 24, 2006
21 75
to eat all of your fast food or carry out in the car before you get home
Kids hurry up and skinner down your food so that we have a better chance of getting to the service on time.
by provider44 January 14, 2010
15 70
Somebody who tries to copy the characters from skins, in the way of parties dress sense and personality. Somebody who tries to throw skins parties, is considered a skinner, and is stuck in the year 2007
The party that skinner threw last night was sick
by Alex Stokes, & Jack Beardsmore January 07, 2008
5 60