A word used predominately in Canada by dumbass male teenagers ages 14-17 who are too ignorant to realize that a skinner is prison slang for a child rapist.
student 1- omg look at that fag josh.
Student 2- God hes such a fucking skinner.
Student 3- Wow, you guys are idiots. Try coming up with something a little more original and maybe people will respect you more.

(student 3 leaves)

Student 2- I can't believe he's taking his side.
Student 1- I kno, what a skinner ~kss~kss~
by hotbuns212 June 09, 2010
Somebody who tries to copy the characters from skins, in the way of parties dress sense and personality. Somebody who tries to throw skins parties, is considered a skinner, and is stuck in the year 2007
The party that skinner threw last night was sick
by Alex Stokes, & Jack Beardsmore January 07, 2008
A very hot sexy bloke wit a nice tight ass!
everyone wants a skinner!
by valley May 24, 2006
An extreamly unrelablie person, lacks the ability to perform the simpliest of tasks. Most likely to be on the dole for his entire life
man he's such an idiot, what a skinner!
by HSLA February 27, 2007
To Masturbate, to have a skinner. Rhyming slang because of Frank (wank) Skinner.
"Wheres Jeff"
"Jeff's Having a skinner/Jeff's Skinnerin'"
by Sev. July 27, 2006
Describes a person who does not have white caucasian skin. Skinners are typically afro-carribeans or asians.
1. Dude check out the skinner over there!
2. That guy is a skinner.
3. Why is it that most rap artists are skinners?
by Michael Wilson February 06, 2006
pulling a skinner is when you mess up something good. when u have that perfect relationship and you end it over something stupid and you regret it.
Joe pulled a skinner.
by Drea <3 April 10, 2006
A Skinner Is a Redneck, Creeper, Very Strange Person. Dont get me wrong. Skinners come many different ways. But your best bet is the mossy oak cut off tee with the bud light cap. Skinners are more than likely white trash.
Dude lets get the fuck outta here.. Shit load of skinners in this bitch..

hey is it cool if steve comes over?..dude hell no..he scares me his dads a hella skinner..

(as a verb)..dude timmy..forreal..stop..your skinnin hard
by s-turna11 June 22, 2009

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