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An other term for a scrotum.
Dude, check out this gay porn...There's a guy that's contact juggling a black man's skin beard...
by Dracotic September 25, 2010
The not-so-legendary pirate & gay cousin of Black Beard. Known for his love of the white frothy seas, Skin Beard is renowned for his looks - The scrotum chin, unbound by the traditional beard.
Bro #1 - Does that man have a...Ball sack for a chin?

Bro #2 - Muthafucka, that's Skin Beard. Don't say anything in front of him though, he's sensitive about it.
by Dracotic January 21, 2011
The scrotum, as it is stretched tightly across another person's chin, is known as a skin beard
Dude #1: "Hey, I saw a porno where a guy totally gave a girl a skin beard!"

Dude #2: "You mean he stretched his scrotum tightly across her chin?"

Dude #1: "Yes. What are you, Definition Man?"
by texfarmer February 12, 2011
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