a skimper is a term used to define a very small blunt, filled with a minimal amount of marijuana.
we only had half a gram left so j.j had to roll a skimper.
by elliot nes August 04, 2005
Top Definition
1. A person who often skimps people out of bags of marijuana

2. A person who stuffs small and often shwaggy bowls or blunts

3. a word to describe something as "unfit"
1. Wow, Dustin only gave us 1.2 grams for a dime, what a skimper

2. Jeremy's bowl only went around a 3 person circle 1 time, it was a skimper

3. This party is skimper, nobody has match
by Joe Vangay August 15, 2009
The person skimper who serves you and designates the portion size whether it be rice, beans, meat (mainly chicken), salsa, sour cream, cheese, guac and lettuce at Chipotle Mexican Grill.

A worker at Chipotle Mexican Grill.
I am at the order line at Chipotle Mexican Grill ordering a buritto. I will have please a buritto with white rice, black beans, chicken, Wait!! you only put half a spoonful of chicken you big ol skimper. May I have a little more please. Extra money for that. Gosh dang skimper!! Hot salsa, cheese please again more skimping going on there and lettuce. Just got ripped off at Chipolte. Man!!! I'll be back tomorrow for more of the skimpers.
by Dambrose November 09, 2011
1. A skimper is a term used to define wiggar high school kids who are fucked later in life.

2. A skimper is a term used to define someone who nobody wants to smoke marijuana with because he never has money or weed and likes to sit at home and watch RedTube everyday.

3. A skimper is a term used to define someone who writes urban dictionary definitions of the word skimper when he has in fact skimped someone before.
1. Wow, James sold me an o of booms that was 2.5 short. What a fuckin skimper.

2. Elliot: Hey, wanna smoke with jamesD? Dave: Fuck that, he's a fucking brokeass skimper and just sits at home jacking off 23 hours of the day.

3. Wow, that Joe Van Pay kid writes urban dictionary definitions. He has shorted so many people on bags. What a skimper.
by moomoobaggins March 26, 2010
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