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hrm. The word SkillS has a hidden meaning can you find it? SkillS.
SkillS your mother and father. SkillS them now.
I will SkillS your aunt if I don't get a cookie.
It better have sprinkles.
by Pengy July 26, 2003
It's what ever guy needs to get a girl....props to napoleon!
Only guys with skills can get girls
by Liney March 10, 2005
well skill means lets get high to me...just something me and the boys made up
doods lets go skill
by skiller September 06, 2003
Something I have that you don't.
I got skills, BITCH!!!
Something that a 1337 person has lots of.
ph33r my 1337 sk1ll5.
by JJ October 30, 2002