Somtimes used in conjunction with the word "saw" to denote a handy cutting device.
Hey, how am I supposed to slice my grilled cheese if you keep unplugging my Skillsaw?
by Brother Dave August 06, 2003
A word meaning u can do something well with out really trying to hard. Also should never be used in the same sentence with a Counter-strike play since all can play with skill as it easy to do with out trying
Skate boarder: 'Man, Tony Hawks got skill.'
You however will never see this sentence CS player : 'I got skill.'
by Soul-Spawn August 01, 2003
if some1 has just destroyed ur equilibrium, they have just exposed u with their skill
i got multi skills on u bitch
by stevie " the skill" July 22, 2003
a dog
i fly hippos
by cradle of dog July 17, 2003
meaning you have talent; you got game
I hooked that dude.
Girl you got skill.
by lovebutton#69 June 26, 2003
using a lighter to dry off a blunt that was just rolled
yo, skill that dutch, shit is soaked
by RUFF MCGRUFF December 28, 2007
short for Catskills. A mountainous region in south eastern New York State above (north of) New York city. The area is famous for once being home to many resorts and a stop over for Jewish comedians. Once called the "Borscht Belt" the area is now widely popular for outdoor recreation.
"Lets go to the 'skills to do some tubing this summer."
by emtak January 14, 2007

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