Talent or ability. Something employers do NOT want in a candidate. They want youth and perhaps an attractive appearance.
I spent 25 years developing my job skills, and can't find a job. The bosses only want inexperienced doofuses right out of college.
by Tuna Wanda May 26, 2005
What snakes say instead of the word kill
sssssssskilll ssss ssss sss eat that rat ssss
by hahaha July 22, 2003
hit Justin Bieber with a waterbottle while he's on stage
that throw at the concert had skill
by ROB_biatch September 27, 2011
Ability and talents reflectng ones own SKILL. (if in fighting games one with skill is not CHEAP)
He's got skill Soul Calibur 2
by ShAdOw November 12, 2003
drunk pronunciation for skull
Awe fawk Ima mu fawking drung and just felled n busteded up ma skill...
by Chad June 23, 2003
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