On 4/20 at Skidmore, the green is like a giant cloud.
by Skiddy June 12, 2003
Top Definition
David Letterman's Top 7 reason to legalize marijuana.
If you're a hot guy, apply to Skidmore College.
by Skiddy June 12, 2003
Skidmore College is an expensive, private, liberal arts college located in Saratoga Springs, New York. Students engage in a variety of activities on and off campus in addition to regular schoolwork. There are a variety of classes offered since it is a liberal arts school that prides itself on giving students a wide range of knowledge rather than focusing on one subject. For this reason, students often major/minor across disciplines. Overall, Skidmore provides its students with a world-class education that prepares them for the post-graduate world.
Student 1: I got into Skidmore!
Student 2: Congrats! You're going to be a Skid kid.
by just1individual August 01, 2012
(Pronounced in a Portuguese accent). Skee-dji-MOR-ee. When you throw up your hands and laugh at the confounding nature of life, its complex relationships, and the utterly ridiculous quandaries that you find yourself in on the daily. Also, a positive effect that results from a negative experience.

Today, I walked out of my house to find that my car had slipped out of gear, rolled down a hill, and slammed into a fire hydrant! My car was totaled and water GUSHED and GEYZERED everywhere! What a day! But alas, I was not angry. Not once I saw the neighborhood kids frolicking and playing in the cool water on a hot summer's morning.

by Prounce November 20, 2011
1.A fucking retard who things he is the shit. He will do completely idiotic things such as bringing alcohol to school is a clear plastic bottle.

2.A private college in Saratoga Springs, New York
Benny: Did you see Benji he brought banana rum to school.

James: I know he is such a Skidmore!!
by Joh Takho November 10, 2011
The school where doing any type of drug and paying for it with your parents money is in. Where you have to be a democrat. Where if you are an athlete, you are god..to us at least. If you do art you are interesting but not worth our time. Where the dining hall blows ass. Where there are more bars than students. Where you can get wasted like no other. Where you can smoke pot like no other. You can wear a mini skirt and uggs and get made fun of by guys. Where the town is the shit. Too many girls and there arent enough guys. Skimdore woooohooo partaaay we love you anywaaaaaaaayyyyy.
its sunday night, lets get wasted
by skidmores finest May 03, 2005
Cool as Hell. Has A Huge Dick 8inches limp
Horse Dick
by Jenny Owen March 07, 2003
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