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A skid Dyke is a female skid, who appears to be a dyke but is really just too high to care what she is wearing. Like all skids, a skid dyke is heavily involved in drugs and alcohol, commonly seen wearing trailer park unfluenced clothing. Usually they are still trying to pull off a long gone trend, example being a bright coloured shirt with some sort of saying like "bad girl" or what percentage of "angel" and "devil" they are that was probably bought at a thrift store. Unlike scene kids, skid dykes are actually poor and have no other choice but than to shop at thrift stores.
Metallica fan: "I'd diddle her twat, but i think she's that chick with the mullet's taco."
Guy with Sanchez: "Nah man, she's just a skid dyke."
by kandy Crochane November 01, 2007
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