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When 2 girls sit or lay between two guys and place both hands onto a guys penis and give them a hand-job at the same time! These boys are now part of the Ski Club!
Bro, last night I hung out with Jewel and Michelle, and now I am part of the Ski Club!
by M.MF.T June 16, 2011
Drunken madness, balla, sick as fuck, rage, hammer time.
"Ski club fucked me up at Tahoe this weekend"

by Saint Cruz October 14, 2008
A group of black guys that date only white girls.
Marcus- "Yo I saw you and your jawn Amy. Since when did you join the ski club!?"
Ben- "Yeah man, i fxcks with them."
by mr. brown can moo... can you? January 22, 2009
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