Sketti- The mispronunciation of the word Spighetti.
"Yo man I gun cook us up sum sketti!"
by 73h13375uddk3 October 03, 2004
Top Definition
Sketti is a recipe made by Mama on the show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. It's a cheap redneck version of spaghetti that consist of mixing butter and ketchup.
Hey Honey Boo Boo, come eat your sketti!
by yakooza October 18, 2012
When your too stoned to say the whole word, 'sketti' replaces the very long and difficult to say word: Spaghetti.
OI, stick us some sketti and toast on while you're in there will ya?
by g00gl3r December 16, 2004
long thin noodles boiled in water then covered in sauce.
I had skettis and butter bread for dinner.I love to slurp up my skettis
by shyven April 23, 2009
Someone who is Italian and likes spaghetti.
Hey look at that sketti monster.
by Italian Stalion June 26, 2006
Simply rad or cool. The essence of awesome.
"Bro, that frontside was super sketti"
by stnkbug January 04, 2010
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