A word of which the true meaning is known only by the user. Can be used to describe either a shady event/location/person, or a cool event/location/person. Has also been used to express degrees of confusion.
For example:

Sally: “Jim’s acting sketchy as hell.”

Mary: “What do you mean? That word makes no sense.”
by Tsunami Lu March 19, 2009
adj: being a shady character, pretty much you're bad news, but people love you for it. you know everything thats going on, and usually you're helping whats going on. During school hours, sketchies smoke. Out of school hours, opprotuntities are endless. Look out, cuz here they come, and when they come, so does trouble.
and most likely the cops are not too far behind.
Boy 1: Those kids over there smoking in the alley are so skecthy.
Boy 2: Oh truth, but they have the best weed.

by PWNAGE. September 30, 2007
the creepy guy/girl at a club or bar, that is trying to slowly come over and rub up on you (attempting to dance)as you asked him to come your way.
"hey, we better save carol from that sketchy guy, before things get ugly."
by IjustWannaDance December 06, 2006
a skateboarding term used wen u didnt land your trick as well as u had hoped
dude that was sketchy
by yo yo yo December 04, 2004
A term often used at the Peddie school when someone looks out of place or dirty, generally used in reference to townies. Sometimes used to describe places.
Look at that punk with dirty hair, he's so sketchy
by word April 09, 2004
any person, place, or thing that immediately reminds one of their mother, and how badly they do not want her to find out about this person, place, or thing.
by Anonymous October 23, 2002
(ADJ.) Used to describe a questionable/uneasy vibe given off by a person, place, or thing.

Often used to describe something not seeming to fall quite into place, often causing discomfort and/or confusion.
1) "Did you see that guy had a pistol in his back pocket? It was kind of sketchy."

2) The area with a dead bodies on the ground would most likely be considered sketchy

3) "Did You See That Woman Walking Into The Bed Bath & Beyond With A Ski Mask On & Rope?"
"Yeah, It Was Pretty Sketchy."
by President of JMV Mom Fan Club November 30, 2013
When someone is drinking whiskey out of a hip flask. This person may or may not have to be drunk. Usually used by another person who is also drunk and/or is really weird with too much energy.
Person A: <Takes out a flask of 100-proof whiskey and sips on it>

Person B: Is that whiskey?

Person A: Uh...Yeah...Do you want some?

by iltimonster May 21, 2011

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