A word of which the true meaning is known only by the user. Can be used to describe either a shady event/location/person, or a cool event/location/person. Has also been used to express degrees of confusion.
For example:

Sally: “Jim’s acting sketchy as hell.”

Mary: “What do you mean? That word makes no sense.”
by Tsunami Lu March 19, 2009
Of dubious nature; having questionable worth or character.
I don't think he should drive. His car is too sketchy.
by Adam Grether February 29, 2008
Something that doesn't seem right, or you're unsure of, or that is just kind of not in your comfort zone.
I'd go, but it's kind of sketchy.
by hannah13 October 02, 2007
a feeling of total nervousness or discomfort, while taking part in a risky situation.
"Sean Randall got sketchy on us when we were getting drunk"
by j kobes July 08, 2006
Lacking integrity

Jesse May
Our manager is sketchy at best. He doesn't care about the rules as long as his work gets completed.
by JamesCarlisle July 04, 2015
A riff on the archaic definition of sketch:

1. A hasty or undetailed drawing or painting often made as a preliminary study.

An outline, where not all of the elements are completely clear or known; can refer to a person, place, object or experience; frequently refers to a shady element, something hidden and potentially dangerous; often refers to being up too long on speed and the loss of clarity that comes with sleep deprivation
Are you sure you want to give your car keys to Patrick, he seems a little sketchy.

Gurl, I was fine on day three, but day four was a little sketchy.

Angel is full-on sketchy; she would steal the teeth out of your grandmother’s mouth if she thought she wouldn’t get caught.
by Pop Tart January 12, 2005
when a person is kind of shady, they are sketchy. when you are not sure what a person means by something, that is sketchy too.
It was sketchy when bobby lobby showed up in random places all over the ship, giving people the impression that he was stalking them. gabriela also showed a lot of sketchyness when she said that her skirt made her feel loose.
by gabriela August 01, 2004
Describes behavior that is erratic as a result of the use of rave/circuit party drugs (such as methamphetamine, ecstasy, ketamine, or less frequently gammahydroxybutyrate), or describes the person who exhibits the behavior.
"I saw him after the circuit party and he was big, sketchy mess."
by CircuitDaddy February 04, 2004
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