A word of which the true meaning is known only by the user. Can be used to describe either a shady event/location/person, or a cool event/location/person. Has also been used to express degrees of confusion.
For example:

Sally: “Jim’s acting sketchy as hell.”

Mary: “What do you mean? That word makes no sense.”
by Tsunami Lu March 19, 2009
unreliable or changing your mind alot
that sketchy bastard asked me out on a date but didn't call me back.
by hedroi February 16, 2006
Any male besides the alpha male.
Lauren: "All my friends and I have slept with Jim, but we steer clear of the rest of these guys, they're real sketchy."
by Croato February 08, 2009
sketchy describes basically anything
Joel:hey nick you smell sketchy
nick:i fell in dog sh**
Joel:i hate you
by koolkenny January 28, 2005
One who is likely to shoot up the school
I could tell he was sketchy even before he brought the AK 47 to class
by Conor March 31, 2003
A word meaning something is disgusting or very strange.
"That girl with the green hair and boogers all over her face is uber sketchy."

"Graham is one sketchy bastard."
by Sam R. June 25, 2004
erratic, dangerous, unstable, unpredictable, used to describe cyclists who have poor bike handling skills
That tri-geek is hella sketchy
by Wendy February 11, 2004
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