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A verb that is similar to stupid, idiotic, wierd, gay,
That guy is really Skempel.
by ZOMGZIDANE December 21, 2005
1 0

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A chronic masterbator, whom uses the metric system to measure himself, haha I know he's cool like that, he wears duff.
Hi i'm Justin, I play drums.
by Dom February 27, 2005
11 4
The forum/screen name for one of my friends, Justin
Skempel makes games and helps delete pics of penis' on the Waterman forums
by Sunny the Armadillo May 27, 2004
7 8
Me aka Justin
"hi I'm skempel."
by Skempel May 24, 2004
5 10
A big loser on Waterman Studios. Nobody likes him.
In fact, he should kill himself.
No really, he should.
by Justin December 12, 2004
3 10
Best freaking person ever
Skempel is the bset freaking person ever..
by Lizzy =D February 27, 2005
2 12