Best freaking person ever
Skempel is the bset freaking person ever..
by Lizzy =D February 27, 2005
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Top Definition
A chronic masterbator, whom uses the metric system to measure himself, haha I know he's cool like that, he wears duff.
Hi i'm Justin, I play drums.
by Dom February 27, 2005
A verb that is similar to stupid, idiotic, wierd, gay,
That guy is really Skempel.
by ZOMGZIDANE December 21, 2005
The forum/screen name for one of my friends, Justin
Skempel makes games and helps delete pics of penis' on the Waterman forums
by Sunny the Armadillo May 27, 2004
Me aka Justin
"hi I'm skempel."
by Skempel May 24, 2004
A big loser on Waterman Studios. Nobody likes him.
In fact, he should kill himself.
No really, he should.
by Justin December 12, 2004

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