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The ultimate Skeeze-Master. This person has been honored with this title for good reason. Not just anyone can be named "Skeezy Skeeze".

This person holds all the qualities of someone who is Sleazy, Slutty, Sketchy and Skanky. Some other related adjectives include: Dusty, Greasy, Dirty, Rusty, Hoochie, Trashy, and Hilarious.

The "Skeezy Skeeze" in question can be male or female and will generally inhabit a plethora of STI's including but not limited to: 'The Clap', 'The Herps', 'The Drip', 'The Great Pretender', 'The Trick', 'The Bad Blood', 'The Germ', 'The Dozens', and 'The Trots'.
Person 1: "There's my favorite Skeezy Skeeze!"

Person 2: "You know that guy?"

Person 1: "Hell ya! That guy had more diseases than a gas station bathroom!"

Person 2: "No doubt he is the most inebriated person here!"
by DustyTrots13 May 05, 2011
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