A promiscuous unkept woman of uncouth principal.
did you hear bout eva? shes a straight skeezer now.
by Turner and Crystal July 10, 2008
Julia Vann or another girl with extremely low morales.
"man dat bitch is 15 and already done bout 12 dudes."

"yeah i hurd shes a straight skeezer. she got dat loose loose cuz she only fucks wit da black people"
by nill the mill August 20, 2009
a crack whore
That bitch is a strung out skeezer.
by Steev-0 July 27, 2009
Ethnic slang for seizure
Pookie jus had a skeezer!
by docman June 26, 2009
Simply, a woman of low moral fibre/personal hygiene.
"Dude, I saw your mom touting for business, flashing that f**ked up toothless grin. She's a skeezer."
by J - Bizzle. June 09, 2006
When a guy cum's in a girl's ass hole and then licks it off.
by ginelys August 04, 2008
A skeezer is samething as a hoe,slut,smutt,bru-skee,or what otha people call em "pass arounds"
yo,there gone be madd skeezerz in da club tonight,ya digg?
by JcAsAnOvA February 15, 2008
a popular board game in sweden. a game of skill as well as chance.
Man, that game of skeezer was intense!
by jason biggs June 12, 2002
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