A promiscuous unkept woman of uncouth principal.
did you hear bout eva? shes a straight skeezer now.
#skeezer #skig #skag #scallywop #hoe
by Turner and Crystal July 10, 2008
Someone that pretends your his friends to give people the impression that he is a cool guy
Adam: "So that kid brad randomly walked up to me and my friends yesterday and started acting like he knows us."

Zaq: "Bummer dude, sounds like you have a skeezer."
#skezzer #faggot #bono #poser #unaccepted
by honeysuckles September 30, 2009
to want dick real bad
nigga i heard that bitch was a skeezer
#slut #bitch #skank #cum #dumpster #dick goblin
by fitlifer June 28, 2009
a euphemism often used to refer to a $25 crack ho who was beaten with the ugly stick
"Don't you be playin my man, you skeezer."
by Latisha June 04, 2002
verb; typically used in place of "slacker"; or being lazy and not doing schoolwork.
Glenn doesn't show up for class and is a major skeezer.

Fitz is a skeezer.
#lazy #slacker #careless #inattentive #sluggish
by a judy chop September 22, 2011
Some one who plays games with or cheats on or lies to an attracted partner of opposite sex excessively to try to hurt them emotionally or mentally to get pleasure and enjoyment out of it for themselves.This can define someone who is or is not sexually active.
That skeezer is never gonna quit tryin to play him and his brothers!!!
#whore #slut #hoe #cunt #bitch #player #liar
by timmy the ripper August 09, 2011
S - Kee - zer . Driving around for no reason other than wasting time. The reason may be classified as looking for titillating members of the opposite sex, but make no mistake. Time will be wasted. One can also drink alcoholic beverages while participating in this event.
Hey! Me and Superman are gonna ride skeezer. Wanna go?

Person 1: Seen any dime pieces lately?
Person 2: Damn Straight! Q-tip and me was ridin' skeezer yesterday and saw a slammin blonde on campus.
#skeezer #riding #wasting #time #drinking #relaxing
by agr790 December 27, 2010
One who acts outrageously selfish. A combination of sketchy and sleazy
Those skeezers at Enron raged on my bank account.
#skeeze #sleazy #sketchy #enron #skeazer
by SheepJesus August 24, 2010
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