A promiscuous unkept woman of uncouth principal.
did you hear bout eva? shes a straight skeezer now.
#skeezer #skig #skag #scallywop #hoe
by Turner and Crystal July 10, 2008
A Skeezer(not a Skeezo) is a person whom is refered to as a hoe, who wants to have sex for the the pleasure of it, a fat ol' ugly ass bitch, that wants some attenchun, or in short.....a neighborhood hoe, that the whole family could enjoy for just a buck, or two.
"Damn son, you see dat skeezer right thurr? damn boi, A,yo! she's the AIDS virus with legs, dawg! check dat shit out"
by Kriztal Mef December 12, 2004
Noun:A woman of highly questionable values.A woman that is not at all desirable,however is used for a one night stand.
Hey lets take Chris and Justin down to the club and try to score them some skeezers
#sceezers #skanks #slats #sluts #hos #sleuzas
by jonny5000 June 19, 2009
Megan Walker
Megan Walker is such a skeezer, she's been messaging my guys all day.
#skeez #skeeze #skeezer #skeezin #skeezing
by wanderlustedmc August 10, 2008
skank, ho, trick, slut
Yeah, that girl was a skeezer.
#skeezy #skeeze #skeezerr #trick #skeez
by chris doebs January 27, 2008
A girl who runs guys for money, drugs, beer, sex, or anything else to make herself happier.

they also travel in packs of 2 - 10, while with other Skeezers, they will get crazy, act a fool, drink your beer, smoke your shit, and run you of anything and everything you have.

Not all of them are Hoe's, sluts,and whores but they are Skantless.
" that Skeezer just ran your ass!!"

" here comes the Skeezers"
#skeezers #skantless #slut #whore #hoe
by a skeezer herself August 12, 2006
A ghetto, rude,obnoxious,annoying,loud and uncivilized woman or girl, also referred to as a hood rat. Continuously gossips about others and can't seem to get her life together.
Yo man, that girl Keisha is a skeezer.

what a skeezer

attention Houston, the skeezer is approaching (joke)

your baby moms is a skeezer.
#hoodrat #ghetto #trick #bird #birdy
by ncalvin01 April 04, 2010
A whore that wants to have sex with many different people and also has a serious bad hygiene, which is neglected for many years.
Kenny K. said, Hey Joyce H. why do girls think your a skeezer. Joyce replied, they think I whore myself to other guys and thinks I have a STD or such thing like that.
#whore #hoe #skank #slut #bitch
by Chunga2010 March 17, 2010
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