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one who is known to give good head, sometimes thought of a homosexual.
MAN! i wish he was a skeels.
wow skeels was amazing last night.
by rachelllll May 06, 2006
A beautiful girl who turns her back on the man that loves her most, for another man.
"Man, he really loved her, to bad she pulled a skeel."
by Willam Cox March 15, 2008
Pronounciation. (Sk-eel)
A ugly ass bitch that resembles a lizard and is known to be a bro hoe.
Dat girl on myspace be a skeel fo sho.

She's a skeeeeell!
by M2daM17 August 01, 2006
Slang for skeel. More often seen as the plural form skeelz
You got mad skeel on that game.
by ChungaWunga March 05, 2003