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(n.) A certain object of great awesomeness. (adj.) One that works in great and powerfull hip ways. (v.) Acting in a way of hippity hoppin with non stoppin balla blockin.
(n.)Dude that shit is Skeebs.
(adj.)Dude, that bitch is Skeebin'.
(v.)Skrillas and Scrippas keep Skeezin', but they aint Skeebin'.
(hot shit.)The Skeebs Productions DVD is bangin' yo.
by Nuohlac Kram 11 July 04, 2005
skinny sleazy skanky bitch
Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are skeebs. Their antics make decent woman look bad.
by Prudey Two Shoes September 04, 2010
noun: Every female from slut to prude that walks the face of this earth. Another term for whore, tramp, trick, easy.

Verb: Skeebin- the process of hunting down skeebs wherever you may be for as long as it may take.

noun use: "Lets go out to the club and get some skeebs for tonight."

verb use: "Grab a condom and a laso, its time to go skeebin."
by onenonly February 27, 2006
dried up cum in a man’s gotee
After he came there was Skeeb all up in his gotee.
by Bridgette J. February 01, 2007
Noun: A very large Bosnian man, owner of the Spawn of Skeeb, the mythical legend and New England gangster.

Verb: Another term for the little john expression of relesing male sperm into the face of another person or a wall.
Noun use: Damn ese, Skeeb almost kicked my ass when I made fun of him for clogging the toilet

Verb use: I'm gunna skeeb on your face
by Pmay0 March 11, 2005

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