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One of the most popular middle school "sports" invented, next to masturbating. Contrary to popular belief, skateboarding is NOT a sport because there are no referees, regulations, teams, or scores to be kept. Like most other liberals, skateboarders enjoy preaching. The skater lives by a code: "Skateboarding is not a crime". Well, it is. Last time I checked, destruction of public property, mindless cursing as a result of utter failure, and indecent exposure (skateboarders often hold a vendetta against shirts) are all illegal. The skater is a very self-absorbed creature, too. Many of them will insult your taste in music, then turn around and listen to whatever Bam Margera thinks is cool. Almost always, this means outdated 70's punk or alternative hip-hop.

Skateboarders are also fond of striped jackets, sarcasm, New Era hats, "fighting The Man", energy drinks, masochism, and unproportional jean-to-shoe ratios. Skateboarding has an especially devoted following in California, the wimpiest state in America. Over the course of time, skateboard tricks have adopted names, most of which sound like street slang for drugs (e.g. "nosehook", "face plant", "spacewalk", etc.). Because of their overpowering body oder, skaters can be smelled from a mile away, although the obnoxious sound of rubber vs. concrete may distract you from this.
Dude, if I owned a skateboarding company, I would totally manufacture the decks so that the center of the wood is soft/flabby, much like a skateboarder's penis. I would then apply WD-40 to every grinding rail on the planet, man. That way, a skateboarder has a sure shot of landing on his or her testicles, man. As a result, the next generation won't have to deal with gnarly wood pushers and bodacious bros!...brah.

Boy: "Yo! Let's rip up some asphalt my man!"
Man: "Hey, let's cut our hair and grow a pair instead!"
Boy: "Pshhh...you gots to get a girlfriend, bro..."
Man: "I have one. She's a direct result of choosing not to skate"
Boy: "Dude, it beats going to a job and coming back to the crib to drink a fresh case of beer, yo..."
Man: "No, no, no. That's what real men do. Maybe we'll hang when your balls do"
Boy: "Well, um...yeah. I'll work on that..."
*Boy runs to a computer to furiously masturbate*
by Adamb719 January 21, 2010
the worlds greatest sport, art, lifestyle, and complete and utter freedom ever known to mankind
by Anonymous November 01, 2003
Is a misunderstood artform/sport that is often critisized by the mainstream who do not grasp the concept. This is mainly due to the fact that there are no uniforms, rules, times etc. to clearly define the activity. Most people do not even understand how skaters 'ollie' their decks, and true to human nature they criticise what they cannot comprehend.

It is without a doubt far more skillful, creative and extreme than any team sport i can think of - and can only be compared to a select few of other sports/artforms such as surfing, snowboarding, even BMX.

Anyone can perform the most basic requirement of football - ie. kicking a stupid ball (or catching one).

Yet only a small minority of people will ever manage to perform the most basic requirement of skateboarding. ie. the 'ollie'. (Tip: its all about physics)

Due to the sports misconception, the real riders are mostly those who feel ill-at-ease with our conservative society, and feel the need to express themselves accordingly. This can admittedly result in the use of public property that is different to its intended purpose..

However, the greedy corporate fat cats have realised that there is potential cash in bottling this so-called teen-angst. As a result we have a whole pop-culture full of posers, companies, music groups and even shredders whose prime interest is gaining publicity, money and mainstream approval.

The soul riders are those individuals you will see milling around street corners, in dark crevices of the cityscape, wary of beefed-up security, all battle-scarred and torn, yet somewhat proud of our victimised counter-culture..

...Skateboarding is NOT: Tony Hawk games; World Industry clothing; Avril Laviegne; drug-using space-cadets.

...Skateboarding is: the underground; the artform; the family; the expression; the knocks and falls; the persistence; the reward...
I was skateboarding down the street before a cop pulled over and said "you cant ride on the street". So i skated down the path and i copped scowling stares from every direction - so i went down to the industrial estate and was confronted by a steroid wank of a security guard.

so i said 'fuck it' i'l just skate in your faces - just try and catch me..
by Matt da cat September 18, 2005
The best thing that has ever happened to me. It keeps me from alcohol,drugs,gangs,and any other dumb shit like that.
I will ALWAYS skateboard
by skateman April 29, 2005
life;an artform
the best extreme sport
Get Out And Skateboard kids.
by jessie December 31, 2003
To me skateboarding is the most enjoyable sport ever created. Its one of the best things you can do and its really fun. Kids who skateboard just for the fun of it are the ones who really like it. But.....

we now have little assholes skating just "to get sponsered" That dont realize that 1. They aint gonna get sponsered because you have to love the sport to get that good and 2. Even if they do get sponsered there isnt going to be all glory and big paychecks. And some skating kids say its a stereotype that all skaters are assholes. Not ALL of them but the younger kids, in general, are fuckin douche bags. How do you think the stereotype got there? stereotypes usually hold true. Also we have the kids skating because they think it makes them cool. When are these kids gonna see that skating doesnt make you a cool rebel? theres millions of kids skating!

And the skateparks are full of nasty ass ho women that wanna have 40 babies. That was just as a little side note.
I explained it all, mufucka!
by da hood' November 05, 2004
Basically; the art/sport which consists of doing various stunts on a peice of wood attached to wheels.
The best sport in the world is skateboarding.
by Nathan December 04, 2003
The love shared between a peice of wood and an artist. One without the other is nothing. When perfectly synched they become the best sport/artform known and understood by few in this giant skatepark called earth.
person: Whos your bestfriend?
skater: Skateboarding.
person: How can your skateboarding be your friend?
skater: You wouldn't understand.
by D-mec July 16, 2006