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A skanky Asian, usually your boyfriend's ex girlfriend.
"Oh my god, his skasian ex girlfriend called while he was at my house AGAIN"
"That stupid skasian's butt is hanging out of her skirt."
by fdsfsjfjf January 18, 2009
n. A skanky Asian. Usually the very thin, sexy Asian girl that stole your ex-boyfriend.
Alternate spelling: Scasian
Wang Li is such a darned Skasian. I can not believe Bob left me for her.
by richardtrombly July 02, 2010
a asian with skip traits. Skip being an Australian person.
Man he's such a skasian, he's asian and plays AFL football
by dead________ June 02, 2005
Skater-Asian: A male or female of Asian ancestry who skateboards. Though very rare, they often wear the same skater clothes as their peers in an attempt to fit in; most often they will wear skinny jeans, dark clothing, and long hair to cover their squinty eyes
Today was a great day- when skating after school I saw my first Skasian!
by N. of G. September 21, 2008
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