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Skash is a term used generally by girls to boys. It is the male equivalent to sket. It is aimed at boys who get around a lot, spread sexually transmitted diseases, those who are generally overly suggestive and dirty minded. A skash has several uncommitted sexual relationships and he often mixes up girls names as he has lots on the go at once.

It originates in Milton Keynes, UK. At a school, called Stantonbury Campus, a class of year nine students made up this word as they felt there was not enough words for these types of men.
"he fucked my best friend, my sister, and some girl from out of town a that party last night. I mean, what a skash."
by chocolateANDvanilla May 21, 2009
Noun. A new type of music. The 4th wave of ska. Ska mixed with thrash.
skash bands = Against All Authority, Leftover Crack, Choking Victim ect.
by Collin B. November 20, 2003