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A hispanic girl who is very pretty but can be apathetic at times. She is a very sexual person. Loves to have fun. Shes an amazing kisser. But very picky on her men.
Dude, yesterday I met a girl named Skarleth.
by latinoooboiii November 09, 2013
A mexican girl, who loves to pet cats. She also loves using a lot of hand motions to express herself. She has the coolest friends, and large family. She is very motherly but is crazy when it comes to parties. She enjoys eating beans and fried chicken. Any skarleth could eat fried chicken for breakfast lunch and dinner. Enjoys using the words "woman" and "stank-breath".
Damn, that girl is a real skarleth.

Wow skarleth, you have such amazing friends.
guise sthap being such skarleth's, athankya.
by Esther, Agatha and Prudence November 07, 2013
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