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(Scan) (key) (Hose)
Hoe's dat be skanky and not wear clothing appropriate to the cilmate and need bustin'.

Basically girls that just like to be trampy and think people be jealous, when really you just wanna chase them down the street with a pair of jeans screaming " Get some clothes on you skanky hoe! You know you're cold! You know this...Mahnnn!"
Skanky Hoez be wearing shorts with no leggings or tights (i.e. bare legs) in the middle of winter with snow etc. If you wear little clothing and you fat. Dat Skanky. Taking self pics where people can see your tits and be like "I'm so ugly".
If you're all over some guy because you know he's got a girlfriend and want your skanky fake tan and make-up all on his genitals.
She will fuck you in the toliet for a pina colada.
by Hoe Busters January 13, 2012
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