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Any lady who wishes to become a serious actress, but realizes that she has no talent whatsoever, so must make due with whatever God or her plastic Surgeon gave her and thus will flash her tatas in whatever movie she is in and accidentally flash her snatch from time to time.

A skanktress often times attempts to revitalize her career by making sex tapes and releasing 'embarassing' nude photos.

Examples: Tara Reid, Paris Hilton, Sienna Miller, Shannon Elizabeth.

Lil' Susie: Mommy, I dream of one day gracing the cover of tabloid magazines and winning an Academy Award for my acting skills.

Mom: Sweetie, with a voice like that and no intuition, you'll wind up with a pound of collagen, two pounds of silicone and a life of misery as a skanktress, why don't study science and become a doctor. Now Run Along
by Quixotic Kay April 09, 2009
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