A fat women who has a kankle and often has sex with more than one partner per day.
Damn dog! I cant belive you actually slept with that skankle!
by Daschmidt July 27, 2008
Female, usually older cougar, with thoroughly taatooed legs and no discernable difference from her large calves to her large ankles.
look at that tatooed cougar's skankles! They're huge! Nice Mercedes though...
by w4cko October 31, 2009
A skanky hoe afflicted with cankles. Often seen attempting to look "hot," but is really just a fatty.

"Leroy, that skankle is nasty with those fat cankles, don't hit that."
by emeliz September 10, 2006
when u can't see the ankles becuase the fat rolls on the persons leg are hangin over it.
she's so fat shes got skankles
by rich the bitch February 23, 2005

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