a dance that is mostly done at ska or reggae shows. its super fun, dont care what people think or say because the true ska fans will just appreciate that your not standing stiffly and instead enjoying yourself.

Yes, theres a "right" way to skank, but its more of a common understanding of what it looks like so dont worry if your not doing it EXACTLY the same. its about expressing your personality, it might feel funny at first but just lose yourself in the music and itll feel right

its really just about feeling the musiccc

A great way to express your inner happiness! or not
stupid girly bitch: ew, like what are those people doing. HAHA!
fake ska fan who thinks hes above everyone else by not dancing: wow, we're so cool, just standing here. LOOK AT THOSE LOSERS THEYRE ACTUALLY HAVING FUN BUT IM SO MUCH BETTER THAN THEM
true ska fan: whooo i dont care if i look like a limping gorilla im skankinggg
by babyalice is my koala December 09, 2009
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The bizarre, wild dance done to the music known as Ska. Not to be confused with a, "skank" skanking resembles running in place while flailing your arms. While popular at Ska shows, it is more acceptable at other mixed venues to simply join the mosh. Unskilled skankers are sometimes mistaken for seizure victims.
Ex: Good Skanker: Most Reel Big Fish fans. Identifiable by their large sunflower sunglasses and festive attire.
Bad Skanker: "That Guy." The one at every show that looks like he has a bad itch.
by Macadaciouse Millan April 17, 2004
A form of dancing originating in Jamaica, now most notably done in Ska/Reggae shows. A more violent form of skanking is often found in punk or hardcore shows. There are many forms of skanking, varying from extreme movement to very little movement at all. To skank: First, feel the beat. Get those arms swinging slightly and feel the bounce as you swing your hips. Move your weight from one foot to the other with each skank. Make sure your arms and legs coordinate (ie: If your right fist is moving forward, you should also be moving your right knee forward as you shift your weight. Then shift to the left.) The most familiar form of skanking today is the Two-Tone Ska style in which you add a kick forward with every beat. Skanking is most often done in a group, either in a general "pit" (such as in a most pit) or by skanking around in a circle.
"Look at all those rudies skanking!"
by Chris P. Lettuce March 03, 2005
skanking is the single most extreme form of motion attainable by a human being.
dude, i skanked so hard at that reel big fish show last night.
by Wombat October 04, 2004
dance performed to ska

how to skank (rudeboy guide)
1. Skip
2. Continue to skip while staying in one place
3. While doing that, move your arms like you're running and youre skanking! congratulations!

Now get rid of your fucking awful looking burberry market copies and ur Nikes made in Indonesia for less than you earn in a saturday job
Capdown at the Ag!!!! whooo!!! skanking all night long!!!
by hairbear May 19, 2004
1. (verb) A type of dance that is done at ska shows. It's basically swing dancing with yourself.
2. (adj.) A person who's an amazingly awesome rudie.
1. "I skanked till i almost had a heart attack at that ska show last night!"
2. "Man, that guy's totally skankin!"
by Katie May 08, 2004
the only way to dance. done to ska it takes balance and endurance but it is very worth it.
skank to the aquabats.
by aquabats fan March 15, 2004
1/Stealing, theiving something, or getting something off someone for free
2/ (real definition :) ) Type of dance... Dancing to ska music!! no other definition is good enough. as we do it, its crazy madness of swinging your whole body to the music, kicking your legs like and irish jig. we call it the "rock city Ska". Man, Ska rocks :D
"Play some Ska, Dick!!"

*Skanking commences*

by PantsTheif April 17, 2004
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