Seeking the nastiest hoe you can find to perform the vilest sex acts imaginable; many of them found here.
I'm bored and horny....what's say we go skanking downtown?
by Scott Frea September 19, 2006
a term used for the type of dancing to ska, very similar to the dancin you used to do at disco's and weddings as i child, but wif more kicking and punching. skanking wos made famous by madness. skanking is dancing to ska dont except any other definition!
by his ex-friend September 01, 2003
It means either
1. A type of dance
2. Leaving your friends for someone else
1. Amber is skanking
2. Why you skanking me for Chenille?
by BabyDizz May 01, 2005
A form of hardcore dancing, much like moshing but with no physical contact.
Skanking, ground punching and windmill kicks
by Snackerr May 20, 2006
this is when u prank call people in different countries (or in your own)using Skype
Yo man you missed the skanking call I made last nite, I told some guy in Canada he won a horse and the dipshit believed me.
by Chisim March 23, 2006
Prostituting, selling of the body.
I was out skanking myself on 42nd Street.
by FraniquaIsTheSex June 22, 2005

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