1)The opening to birth canal in a human female.

2)A vagina that hasn't been cleaned, at least not properly, in quite a while.

3)The vagina belonging to a promiscuous woman.
"Chill out and wash the fucking sand out of your skank-hole!"
by J.M. Sutton June 06, 2006
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Top Definition
A festy, cheese infested vagina that makes you feel like vomiting when youb get a whiff of the odour
"He smells like a Skankhole..."
by the AntiSkank September 10, 2003
A girlfriend doing porn
You have a skankhole
by gjudcnig March 13, 2015
1.-Any orifice that resides under the surname of Skank. 2.- a very stinky/ginky butthole
Your wife has a dirty skankhole!
by StinkHole Zach July 19, 2008

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