A Checkered Hankerchief word around the wrist or head. Worn mostly by Ska fans to show their pride for ska music.
"Hey Andrew, I see your wearing a skankerchief. Want to go listen to some Reel Big Fish?"
by Andrew Cerchio April 15, 2006
Top Definition
A tissue used by more than one person
Why on earth would I use that skankerchief, it's soaked with the snot of like ten guys.
by that guy who was really bored March 13, 2010
a towel or rag used to clean yourself up between partners on the same night
At a party like that, they should hand out skankerchiefs at the door
by Sam LeFleur August 24, 2010
Blowing your nose in a womans vagina or butthole.
I blew my nose in that chicks vagina/butthole, she is a skankerchief.
by Andrew M Horton II September 13, 2006

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