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From the small town of Winchester, VA. An effectionate name for one who is, or dresses like a skank/hoe/slut. never to be confused with prostitute.
You look especially skankalanky today.
by Bunny March 17, 2005
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Someone who is a major skank (slut, whore).

"Wow! She is such a skank-a-lank !"
"I know! She likes to get them guys with her plastic ass!"

by Jess Is A S-a-L April 03, 2009
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a word that is slang for slut or whore. used when joking around with someone.
girl 1: heyy skank a lank!
girl 2: whats up girl?!
by taylicious July 06, 2010
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Someone who dresses like a skank or slut, but don't give it to just anyone. Not to be confused with "tease".
" I want to wear something that says skank-a-lank. How about this?"

Friend1: Girl, you look like a skank-a-lank!
Friend2: Should I change?
Friend1: Nah, everyone knows you aren't a hoe.
by Alexis19 February 07, 2012
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