A dirty bastard, either in personality or in terms of tactics. Typically one of those pikeys who doesn't play fair.
Shit son, that guy skanked you in that round
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
A young girl of the white-pants wearing variety trying hard to prove her womanhood to the world. Usually, an easy lay.
What you going to The Loaded Hog for, man? That place plays Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake just so the little white-pants skanks can feel at home!
by Roh April 04, 2003
Dirty residue, often found on nightclub floors, consisting of shoe-rubber and b33r.
"I feel over and got covered in skank."
by Drakien March 06, 2003
A skank is a bitch who dissapoints you, or tries to.
-Yo, that bitch wouldn't give us a ride to school, what a skank.
-My teacher failed me, what a skank.
-That girl at the club wouldn't dance with me, what skank.
Girl: "No."
Guy 2:"What a skank"
-"X'cuse me do u have a dollar?" "No sry." "Skank."
by Phil Kratunkov October 16, 2005
hot girl who goes to the mall and walks up to guys and says "your hot" and ask for their number. the girl knows she is hot and so takes advantage of the opritunity to get in guys pants. this person could also be a slut, or a whore, or even a bitch, or all of those combine.
ex:Andrea, shes a big ass SKANK. i like her but shes a SKANK cuz she knows she looks good so guys will do just about anything cuz of it
by pissed off guy June 30, 2004
A skank is a girl who is trying really hard to be a slut and shows to much skin and also has bleached blonde hair and she thinks she's a slut but she aint she be opening her legs for anything sick huh?

And a slut is a girl who don't dress sexy and just sleeps with alotta man yall can see the diffrence lol
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
a term of endearment used widely amongst teenagers in North Central Washington
Hey skank, how are you?

She may be a whore, but I am definitely a skank.
by Ardith January 11, 2004

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