likened to slut, whore, and cockbreath
by God September 22, 2003
Typically a girl who seems innocent but is actually very horny.
Usually a short girl, long dark hair and often wears glasses. In more recent times they are girls of the Asian orientation, specifically Vietnamese girls.
Guy1: Dude did you hear that Amanda was a Skank?
Guy2: Totally that skank totally gave Andrew head yesterday.
by Soshilover13 February 21, 2011
A skank is the defintion of Romie. Romie is a complete skank, in general. So a skank is just like a "romie." & a romie is a skank. So its basically vice versa.
by - Her sister. May 26, 2009
A person(commonly a female) that has had sex with many people. But wishes to stop her abusive past by givving money to homeless children in Africa, Donating to charties, Volunteer work, or Any form of Social work.
Pamela was a Skank, but then she devloped a STI and now she does many Social works for people.
by Youfonda April 01, 2007
Often used to imply a lesser class of person, with no style or class. Usually of poor taste and probably never checks themself in the mirror before presenting themselves to the public. Can also be used as an affectionate term between friends to convey messages of admiration and love, usually a retaliation to an jovious insult.
"Piss off! You're a total skank!"
"What time you want to head out, you big skanky ho."

"Well, you are just a Mandurah skank."
by Aim4Less August 29, 2006
-a dirty ass bitch whose vagina smells of a tuna market
-a whoretimes ten with a nasty Vag
Chris: Hey you know marybeth?
Matt: Yeah...
Chris: She is a skank.
Matt: Word...
Chris: Lets go get a iced frappecino.
Matt:You have a large penis.
by Moysey April 11, 2005
slang (esp. glasgow) to pull someone's trousers down
'haw, am gona skank u ya bass!'
by andy February 18, 2005
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