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verb - 'to skank someone'. to rip someone off; to overcharge someone; to be tightarsed.

noun - 'a skank'. someone who does the above.
'aw, yer a skank, man'; 'he well skanked you'
by coffeeblonde November 21, 2004
A certain group of flute players who like to pull pranks on unsuspecting victims. They tend to sign these pranks "Love--An Army Of Skanks"
ex: "Did you see what those skanks did to the drummers?!"
"Yeah, they totally annihilated the drums."
by Ally November 18, 2004
trick ass mark ass jive ass sluty ass ho
skanks hangin at the corner
by vincent walcott July 17, 2004
someone who dresses like a slut
Carly is a skank, because she wears a mini skirt, a tight top and high socks. Christina Aguilera is sometimes called a skank.
by emma July 13, 2004
a girl who dresses in very revealing clothes, wears a fair bit of make up, likes to walk around places holding there clothing up high so you can see what there wearing undernetah
e.g there skirt.

kind of like a slut but may not sleep around as much
kirsten a.k.a gus gus
by yogi February 16, 2004
word used to call your friend (whom is a girl) to be funny, cause she does a lot with guys.
"skank come here!"
"haha your such a skank"
"oooo here comes the skank!"
used by philadelphians.
by BaBiEdoll November 26, 2003
To skank something is to get something for free that someone was very lucky to get. A very lucky bastard
"He skanked that Pizza for nout! The skanky git"
by Halo August 30, 2003