1. v. To take or steal something.
2. v. To stand someone up, leave them or abandon them.
3. n. General derogatory term for a person, usually implying that said person often does one of the above
1. "Alex skanked my lunch off me, the filthy mo fo!"
2. "She was going to come over and help me crack one off, but she skanked me."
3. "That guy Arnold is a skank and a spleen ass!"
by BigJC December 01, 2003
A girl of spanish descent, usually from the area of Nicaragua, likes working on corners, and prefers fashion even though she doesn't like wearing clothes....She's a hoe, all the time, even at school.
Boy 1 - Hey Skank Face

Girl 1 - Excuse me!?

Boy 1 - You fucking love it, hoe

Girl 1 - Gurl Puh-lease.....Can i borrow your charger?
by Ceeshon November 07, 2009
Someone who has sex with someone on a dare.
Jaimie, I dare you to fuck eugene, when your in love with your exboyfriend of three years and expect him to be ok with it.
skanky eh?
by Cope124 June 25, 2007
someone who doesn't take proper care of themselves
ryan has married that skank tasha
by Kagome_1274 July 27, 2006
Heroin. Skanky The appearance and general cleanliness of someone addicted to Heroin. Similar to Skag and Skaggy

Yuck. 'Nuff said.
Eeeew, I saw Paul Doherty from school the other day. He's a complete skank head now.

If I catch the disgusting, nasty, filthy, skanky scum that leave their needles in my kid's school, I'll kill the lot of them!
Someone who behaves or dresses provocatively but doesn't back it up with action. Often mistaken for a slut, this trait is fairly common in high school girls who want play but can't get it.
"Man, Danielle is a total slut. I mean, have you heard the way she talks??"
"No way, she's so pure. She's really just a skank."
by natalina February 16, 2006
A girl that looks like a slut but isn't. She may be wearing very revealing clothing and act very flirtacious in a dirty way but doesn't actually have sex or any other sexual activity with guys.
"Nicole is such a skank!"

"Chrissy looks so skanky"

by Beeh December 24, 2005
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