An ugly girl that is an easy lay
In the movie "Sorority Boys", the guy who ass raped the guy dressed as a girl thought he was just a skank; not a dude.
by Your Mom's Box July 05, 2003
Typically a girl who seems innocent but is actually very horny.
Usually a short girl, long dark hair and often wears glasses. In more recent times they are girls of the Asian orientation, specifically Vietnamese girls.
Guy1: Dude did you hear that Amanda was a Skank?
Guy2: Totally that skank totally gave Andrew head yesterday.
by Soshilover13 February 21, 2011
A skank is the defintion of Romie. Romie is a complete skank, in general. So a skank is just like a "romie." & a romie is a skank. So its basically vice versa.
by - Her sister. May 26, 2009
to 'skank' is when someone leaves there friends for another group.

you can be called a 'skanker' if you leave them.
person one: oi skank! where you been?
person two: with these.
person one: you skank man.
by ThisPrincess May 17, 2009
To Skank, Was Skanked, To be a Skaner/Skanka. To leave or abandon someone. Can be used as an insult or just as friendly teasing.
'He left me standing there, looking like a pillock. What a flipping Skanker!'

'Hey, what you doin here on your own?'
'Mike Skanked me'
by Jaspergrl1 May 19, 2008
-a dirty ass bitch whose vagina smells of a tuna market
-a whoretimes ten with a nasty Vag
Chris: Hey you know marybeth?
Matt: Yeah...
Chris: She is a skank.
Matt: Word...
Chris: Lets go get a iced frappecino.
Matt:You have a large penis.
by Moysey April 11, 2005
A dirty little slut or female chav who has usually been knocked up at least once and acquired several STI's by the age of 15
She gave 8 different guys head last night - what a skank!
by c0za April 08, 2005

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