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Born out of the grunge rock era with influences like Guns and Roses and Nirvana (both not too shabby). A term used to reference bands that get by with limited musical talent by using repetitive guitar chords and raspy vocals. Bands like Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, 3 Days Grace, Creed, and Chris Daughtry have perfected the art. This type of music is usually preferred by people who would classify themselves as "Rockers". Preferred music of girls with tramp stamps and guys with Ed Hardy t-shirts, dog chain necklaces, and barb wire tattoos. The kind of music lumberjacks cut wood to!
Mason: Shit yea I got tickets to the Nickelback concert this weekend!
Tim: That sucks.

Mason: Why?
Tim: It's skank rock.
Mason: Huh?
Tim: Your sister listens to it and she has a tramp stamp.

Mason: What are you trying to say?
Tim: The skanks love it!
by Skank Rock Sucks November 18, 2009
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