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The term "skangerglyphics" refers to the, usually illiterate, scawlings that litter lamp posts, walls, bus shelters and slow moving old people. Usually in the form of: *insert skanger bítch name here* LUVS *insert skanger bloke name here*, although not always limited to this. They may also note to a time and date a certain individual was at a specific place, or allude to the dubious sexuallity of an individual. The word is an imalgamation of the words Skanger and the word Glyph (A symbol, such as a stylized figure or arrow on a public sign, that imparts information nonverbally.)
Such examples of Skangerglyphics include:
Jacinta luvs Davy!
Maccers wuz 'er!
Boyler is a fag!
by Humanji May 30, 2006
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