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That one fashionable straight girl who hangs out with all the gay guys.
Karen is such a skag.
by ashes327 March 19, 2006
5 27
To remove without permission, to steal
I skag, he skags, we skag, you skag, they skag
by The Willster March 25, 2003
7 29
Something sold as cocaine which turns out to not be cocaine. Also known as bunk.
"Super stupid bought a nickel bag
Thought it was coke, but it was skag."

From Funkadelic's "Super Stupid"
by blaw707 July 18, 2005
1 24
A word to describe the noise that is made by a girl receiving a cum shot down her throat.
When I blew my load, her skag could be heard all throughout the city.
by Doombah March 07, 2007
2 26
skag me: a silly act invented in my junior high years ago where a person slides their hand down another person's face, from forehead to chin, along with the words "Skag me!" meaning is unknown, used as some sort of humourous jeuvenile gag.
skag me!
Go give her a skag me
I just got skagged
by Pogmotoin January 09, 2008
3 28
The general defenition of Skag is a skanky SLAG. This word was made up by Hanzz when she was in Brighton.
Omg that Gamy Butchin is such a fu'cking skag!
by Juice 'ED November 11, 2006
7 32
free, promo stuff given out by companies, especially valued from the entertainment industries.
We got some cool skag when we won tickets to see our favorite band.
by drew c November 06, 2005
1 27