A term used to describe a person (usually male) who wears skinny jeans that are 'sagging'/'baggy'/low-riding;Comes from the combination of SKinny jean and sAG Should not be confused with the highly offensive word 'fag'

"That emo guy is such a skag"
by idontcareanymore..... December 16, 2008
A woman who needs to be in control of everyone and everything without any regard for other people.
"Your mum is such a Skag for making you join the boy scouts..."
by amenoire February 01, 2008
skag can have a number of uses gennerally it means bad!! is/was/will be bad this is worse then shit!!
"i'm on a skag buzz"
"ur auld 1 is skag"
"who rolled this shit its fuckin skag boyzz"
"ahhh skag""
"dont be skag"
by the.tangles.net January 18, 2008
1. Low down dirty hoe.
2. Type of drug used for recreation
"Yo Mike's girl is such a skag." But I'd still hit.
by Kill A Nigga Quik December 25, 2006
Someone who doesn't take care of their skin or other body parts
"If you don't take care of your blackheads you'll look like a skag!"
by Red August 09, 2004
a word used in Celbridge, Ireland for the tracksuit wearing assholes who constantly taunt us.
Most of them are unnecesarilly violent and incredibly stupid. They usually congregate outside Londis or on street corners and spit or talk about who they met at the GAA disco which is usually called the 'GAH!' by them.
One skag once said to me:
"Hey there are more rockers in the world than people!!!"
by Lollirot December 23, 2005
the old cum that builds up behind the forskin
miles u got skag
by mich March 10, 2004

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