my momma keeps on asking where im spendin all my doh baby all she does is nag nag nag, but i won't apologise, ill inject it in my eyes if that's how i can get my skag.
by Joanna September 30, 2003
A skag is another word for a grunger, a long haired slipknot loving freak.
wash your hair you dirty skag.
by Smiffey August 24, 2006
An unattractive girl. Similar to skank but without the promiscuous connotation.
Yo, dawg, what you talkin' to that fugly skag?
by Professor Friday June 07, 2004
Cool or good; fashionable.
That sweater looks so skag on you!
by Gladys Cameltoe March 16, 2005
Half scab half hag. An older woman in my neighborhood who was always in my business.
My nextdoor neighbor is a skag.
by Greypoupon April 14, 2005
"Skag" is a slang name for cigarettes in North West Indiana the region.Quite different from the rest of the state, where the term is used as a slang term for the drug, Heroin.
Person 1: "Shit! I left my skags at home!"
Person 2: "Don't worry man, I've got a pack on me."
Person 1: "Thank you so much!"
by AKtheGreat September 20, 2015
a tweeked out bitch hittin on someone
look at that skag over there
by gaugedye871 October 12, 2014

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