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my momma keeps on asking where im spendin all my doh baby all she does is nag nag nag, but i won't apologise, ill inject it in my eyes if that's how i can get my skag.
by Joanna September 30, 2003
A lady who sits outside of casey general stores. Usually has a large cig hangin out of her mouth. Lives in the local trailor court and has a very raspy voice. Any lowlife, you see on the side of the road that looks like trailor trash and has sick long hair and looks like hell twice over.
Janice from Seneca, IL caseys. Definatly a skag
by Local Skag finders Union 69 October 09, 2006
Refers to one who is both a skinner and a fag. Short form of skaggot.
That wrestler, Kane...he\'s such a skag!
by 4Dd April 26, 2005
A low-life. Used in the film "Mad Max".
How about I rub your nose in some shit skag?
by Eric April 11, 2005
A female who is a massive whore and would even have sex in a porta potty. Astrodome.
Nicki is sleeping with John, what a skag.
by hunny October 09, 2004
A heroin addict
"Look at that dirty skinny Skag"
by Toby February 18, 2004
Something chunky that looks like steak and is squishy. It comes out of an unsanitary vagina.
Eww! She is leaking skag on my linoleum floor. That bitch, I just bought it.
by Savannah S.....:P January 05, 2012
All those kids at the gym who think they're all that when they're not. Scrawny kids at gym = skags.
"I'm only pressing 180 lbs today"
"Dude you're doing fine, unlike those skags over there who are only doing 110."
by crashing82 August 15, 2011