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A mixture of term 'Safe' and 'Skeen' invented by Newmarch and Kouzarides, the lendends of muswell hill.
You going somerfield to meet dirty loga?

Yeh skafe mate!
by Newmarch, Kern February 10, 2005
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A form of smoking marijuana which originated in Lower Town Ottawa.A Skafe is a bong toke which contains the mixture of batch i.e (Tobacco) and weed ie(Marijuana). A Skafe may also contain a Tobacco stop which allows the bowl to be packed to the brim with a mix of weed. Which is than inhaled by the stoner through the use of a bong. Not to be mistaken by its cousin Mr. Poppa ! Weed +Tobacco+ bong = Skafe
Hey Plankton do you want to smoke skafes? Why not Bateson just make sure the bowl is packed with more batch than weed. I like it better that way !
by 00Grizz January 24, 2009

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