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to be used only by those whoo enjoy music of the ska persuasion.
Flip top skadoo.
by SkaTasticallyScrumptious January 16, 2004
1920's - 30's slang (jazz) for:
1. move, move over, make space please.
2. leave, go away.

<strong>Syn-s:</strong>~ <em>Skadoodle, Ske-daddle, Skadoosh, skat, scoot, skootch</em>...
1. (Jazz "cat" to his "doll"): "Skadoo."
2. "Let's skadoo." (like "scootch on over dear" ......or "shove love".)
by don'make-me-use-this-skillet! September 27, 2013
humanly fluids from genitals that result from sex or "turn on"...
1) Frank: Hey dude, you see that girl walk pass?!...so hott.

Dude: Yeah i know man, I almost skadooed.

2) Hey that guy you like is coming over...try not to skadoo...

3) *Sarah walks out of a dark room and tries to get herself together...Valen notices*

Valen to Sarah: Hey Sarah....is that skadoo on your chin??!
by kieraisablipster August 25, 2008