Excellent and an original-for-its-time death metal band created in the mid 80s by Chris Barnes, ex-vocalist from Cannibal Corpse. Their music is more slow-placed (for a death metal group) and the cookie monster vocals are pretty understandable- which is pretty rare from such a group.
Six Feet Under is better than Cannibal Corpse, and Cannibal Corpse is fucking epic.
Top Definition
A offbeat HBO series about the Fishers, a dysfunctional undertaker family in Los Angeles. It's easily one of the best shows TV has to offer. The writing and acting is not only fantastic, but the show has many different moods; it can be sad, quirky, touching and sometimes hilarious.
Six Feet Under is a TV classic.
by Kyle March 09, 2005
A more poetic way to say someone is dead. Term comes from the practice of digging down six feet below the surface to place coffins.
"Grandpa would have liked this movie if he were alive to see it, but he's six feet under."
by Moondog January 19, 2004
A black comedy/drama program on HBO (Home Box Office). It centers on the Fisher Family who own an operate a funeral home in California following the death of the family patriarch Nathaniel Fisher in the first episode. Although dead, he frequently comes back to talk to each member of the family. In the family are the mother Ruth with sons Nate, David and daughter Claire.

An unbelieveable show with beatifully real and intricate characters. Funny, touching, brilliant. Further evidence that HBO is invincible.
Sorry man, I'd love to go hang gliding, but the season premire of the final season 5 of Six Feet Under is on tonight!
by kwashia February 01, 2005
1. Term used for someone's well-being if they are dead.

2. Decent Death Metal band formed in the mid 80's.
1 - What do you mean you thought Lois would be six feet under by now and we could catch a movie?

2 - I recommend the album Haunted by Six Feet Under
by larstait October 12, 2003
A hardcore death metal band founded by Chirs Barnes the former singer of Cannabil Corpse
Hey did you get the new Six Feet Under CD?
by volume May 31, 2005
A death metal band formed in the mid-'90s. Considered by many a joke rather than a credible band, SFU plays slow and heavy death metal with gory lyrics. They have also covered the whole of AC/DC's Back In Black album, death metal style. The band is fronted by ex-Cannibal Corpse cookie monster growler, Chris Barnes.
Try to listen to Chris Barnes growl "You Shook Me All Night Long" all the way through without laughing.
by PoopyPoo May 11, 2005
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