Sand in vagina
You keep chickening out.... Do you have S.I.V.?
by nicloooooooooooo February 03, 2010
The abbreviation for Social Immunodeficiency Virus, another name for poverty, is a social condition where the social body, once conquered, is vulnerable to every kind of social ailments such as ignorance, tyranny (this is a serious condition that mainly affects the government organ), ruthlessness, dogmatism, historic/ legendary arrest (a condition where a society believes in and boasts about unproven legends to a level of fixation to the past), misunderstanding or no understanding of the world outside, Whollywood (a serious psychiatric condition where one is a master of Hollywood gossip but cannot define life science)
Did you see what the Nigerian police did?
Yeah, it's the SIV.
by Gurba Bale April 12, 2010
Acronym for: Self Inflicted Violence
Intentional harm of ones own body such as cutting, bruising and/or burning oneself. Hair-pulling, excessive biting of the skin to draw blood.
Point is this: You harm yourself intentionally in order to feel control of your life, to feel alive, or some other purpose.
Note this: it is an addictive behavior that can't just be gotten rid of; it takes a lot of effort and work. (trust me I know a lot about this)
That girl is addicted to SIV.
by theothrsister13 November 23, 2007
Sand in vagina, this is extremely common in nude beaches.
I couldnt fit it in the hole last night ur mom had too much SIV
by Mohammad Ali March 24, 2007
Self inflicted Violence or cutting
Teachers and school boards trying to fight off the new wave of Self inflicted violence or SIV
by Pinkpinkpinkey December 01, 2005
Acronym; Sorry, I Vanished.
I'm back, SIV, mom needed me to do the dishes.
by DBS January 19, 2005
Siv is a person who enjoys doing his homework and loves school very much.
Siv is at home doing his homework again.
by Jon January 06, 2004

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