Actually spelt Sieve

A sieve is actually a filter with many holes used for strainging water and liquid from something. The chant is directed to the goalie to say that he/she lets up a lot of goals because he/she is a sieve and contains many holes.

In other words...the goalie sucks
The goalie let up 5 goals that period, what a siv.

Crowd chant after a goal "SIV!! SIV!! SIV!! SIV!!" (directed to goalie who allowed the goal)
by David LaFleur February 21, 2006
Top Definition
a goalie in hockey who lets in a lot of goals.
"I'm not drafting that horrible goalie, he's a siv!"

"Dude, that goalie let in 8 goals in one period! He's such a siv!"
by Molly December 26, 2004
A Nordic name, meaning wife, bride or kinship.
In Norse mythology Siv (or Sif) was the goddess of fertility and agriculture, and married to Thor.
One time Loke (Aasgard's infamous troublemaker) cut of all her hair while she was sleeping. Thor was pissed and forced Loke to get Siv some new hair - made of gold. Loke went to the dwarves, who made Siv a beautiful new hair, made of pure gold, but magically attaching to her head and acting like real hair, making her the most awesome blonde ever!

Also in real life, Siv's are the most awesome girls on earth - naturally blonde, smoking hot with the body of a true goddess! Flirty, but sofisticated.
She's also very independent, extremely intelligent and she has a great sense of humour. Not to mention that she has an exellent taste in music, movies and literature.
Did I mention that she is superintelligent and hot?
OMG Siv, you are so awesome!

Siv is the female equivalent of Teckno Viking.
by Fumiki January 12, 2011
Acronym that stands for Sand In Vagina Syndrome. It is a condition that affects those unwilling to participate in a social event or are scared to do something dangerous.
Rob: Hey James you want to go party tonight?
James: No. Don't really feel like it.
Rob: Oh, your S.I.V.S acting up again?
by rtadlock August 26, 2009
a chick who loves to get banged...extremely easy to score with her.
Derived from slang term describing a hockey goalie who lets in alot of goals and is easy to score on.
see also Simcoe Siv
Mac - "I got twisted drunk and pounded that bitch last night"
C'lins - "eeeeee, so did i!"
*SLAP* high five in happiness
Mac - "what a fucking siv"
C'lins - "lets get drunk again"
Mac - "indeed"
by NotTheFather123 October 19, 2006

1. A term used to describe a very bad goaltender

2. A life style.

1. Jack "Damn, that goalie let in 10 goals in 5 minutes"
Derek " I know, what a freaking sivvvvv"

2. Ethan "Sivvv! I love you"
Austin "Oi doggy, I love you too!"
Ethan "Hows Brooke?"
Austin "Fuck you sivvv"
by EthanChrist March 15, 2010
Sand In Vagina, when a person is pissed off for no good reason. often used to further agitate the person>
"You goddamn assholes!"
"sounds like someone has a little case of SIV"
"Fuck off i'm pissed of for a damn good reason!"
by Omnipotence October 26, 2004
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