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A popular figure of speech used to accuse or otherwise brand someone as being a liar. Often used when someone is conducting mysterious, shady business or they are trying to hide the truth.
Nick: "Hey man, what are you doing tonight?"
Salmen: "Nothing much."
Nick: "Do you want to hang out then?"
Salmen: "I can't."
Nick: "Why not?"
Salmen: "I'm busy."
Nick: "You have to stop sitting on pancakes man."
Salmen: "I'm not!"
Nick: "I can see the syrup running down your pants."
by Lamb bo February 22, 2011
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a term meaning up to no good or shady business, such as what you would think if you saw someone actually sitting on pancakes
Salmen skipped classed without explanation, he is sitting on pancakes
by Mr.Moneybags January 27, 2011

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